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Personal Consultations

Time to Transform

The pain and frustration of mental and emotional health issues can leave you feeling exhausted, trapped, stuck and even hopeless. It totally sucks! Please know, you do not have to suffer.

Let me help you off that unpleasant carousel. I can help you resolve a wide range of challenges including stress, anxiety, depression, relationship trouble, self-esteem, trauma and PTSD.

My methods are fast, effective and get permanent results. If you are tired of struggling and ready for an easier, happier life, I'm here for you. I'll support you with understanding, compassion and an empowering, solutions focused approach. You'll be amazed at what we can achieve in 1.5 hours. Minimum pain, maximum results. Ahaa's galore, and often a good laugh as well.

We start with a cup of tea and a conversation. I'll probably ask you a few questions to really hone in on the underlying cause of your symptoms. We'll agree on the best approach and priorities. Then we'll probably put you on the massage table for a guided journey that will address your specific needs and situation. We'll complete your session with a debrief to make sure you leave with clarity about next steps.

Consultations are available via phone, online and in person.

 “Fiona is an inspirational and transformational coach, therapist and mentor to connect with when you know something needs to shift. She will powerfully yet gracefully help you clear the crud clouding your view forward and open new doorways of insight and possibility for you to access consciously and move through!” Sandy 

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