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I support individuals & groups to get their heads unstuck, their hearts glowing and their lives back on song.


Services I Offer

Mental & Emotional Health for Individuals, Therapists & Organisations

Personal Consultations

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Time to Transform

Who knew that therapy could be fun, fast and reality transforming! Life-changing results guaranteed in just 3 sessions or your money back. Learn more about the way we do this together here.

Speaking, Training & Retreats

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Inspiring Growth

From absolute beginners to advanced practitioners, I offer everything from short presentations to specialist, in-depth therapist training.  Check out my events or invite me to contribute to yours here.

Corporate Consulting


Creating Conscious Corporations

With over a decade of experience working in the public sector and with NGO's, and 20 years worth of international consulting, I bring a diverse wealth of experience to the table. Learn more about how I can transform your team here.


 Of  The Wings

Healing for your Heart ~ Peace for your Mind ~ Balm for your Soul


"Fiona, I can't thank you enough! Thank you for helping me feel me again! I can't remember feeling this bright and well. I feel like I have my spark back and I can take on anything. Your healing sessions have been life changing for me"

Alannah Paige

“Fiona is a wonderfully generous teacher. She wants you to be the most that you can be. She is empowering at both a practical and an esoteric level and I have the sense that any limiting sanctions in me are magically lifted by her knowledge and her presence. The other defining thing about Fiona is that her ego is missing in her work – this is masterful and rare.”

Margo Field

"Who needs Tony Robbins when you have Fiona Lee!"

ANZ Bank Participant

Elicited easy conversation despite a lot of elephants in the room"

Florey Insttitute Participant

"Thank you, you have changed

my life"

Mindfulness Works Participant

Corporate Trainees


My Story

I'm a seasoned traveler  - literally and metaphorically. I've experienced a lot, with a challenge or three, along the way. My multiple experiences of abuse, accident and medical trauma, grief & loss and narrowly avoiding ritual murder in Africa, inform and improve my work. I may not have walked a mile in your shoes, but I have lived through enough adverse experience to cultivate true understanding and  empathy. I also know how it feels to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm passionate about helping you navigate here too.

 I'm equally comfortable in the board room or sailing down the River Nile. ( I confess I prefer the latter! ) I've tried my hand at many things in life, essentially because I love to learn. After studying Environmental Science and Education, I enthusiastically plunged into teaching teenagers, and then later developing sustainable policy and practice in the government and non-government sectors. I loved my work but my life was totally out of balance.

Completely burnt out by 33, I swapped my briefcase for a backpack. I traveled the world solo for five years. During my travels, I studied many different cultures and healing traditions on the quest to heal myself. Having perfected "busy disease" during my corporate career, I also remembered how to just "be" How to receive what life has to offer.

For the past 20 years my focus has been on supporting individuals and teams to thrive, particularly with respect to building mental and emotional resilience and resources. I have tried, tested and honed a unique suite of elegantly efficient tools that truly reinvent lives.

I feel deeply privileged to do this work.

I love partnering with people to bridge the gap between the life they have and the one they aspire to. Nothing makes me happier than to see barriers to happiness fall like ten pins. People  truly inspire me in their ability to thrive given half a chance and a modicum of smart support.


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Trentham VIC Australia

0419 049 932

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